Providing holistic services that build community and inspire transformation at the individual, organizational and social levels.

About Us

Our Mission


Roots of Change is dedicated to building healthy communities and transforming lives through holistic programs and consulting services. By bridging individual, organizational and social change, we work toward a more just and loving world that honors the interconnectedness of all beings.

Our Philosophy


We believe that sustainable change requires a community of support and a fundamental shift in all of our relationships and social systems—including the ways we relate to ourselves, the earth, one another and all living beings. Initiating a path of inquiry and change is often not easy, but is invaluable to improving the quality of our lives, families, organizations and larger world.

“I have inherited a belief in community, the promise that a gathering of the spirit can both create and change culture. In the desert, change is nurtured even in stone by wind, by water, through time.”

-Terry Tempest Williams


Kim Phillips-Knope, MSW

With two decades of experience in education, social work, public health, and non-profit organizations, Kim brings a varied skill set in professional development trainings, research/resource development, program management and evaluation, and holistic program facilitation.

Professional Development Trainings,
Research & Resource Development

As a consultant for state and local governments as well as community-based organizations, Kim facilitates workshops for and collaborates with a diversity of schools throughout the country. From San Diego, CA to Laramie, WY, and Detroit, MI to Washington, DC, Kim supports critical efforts to create safer environments for all youth, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity (LGBTQ). Her specialized approach engages participants in both heart and mind, generating a space where learners feel safe yet challenged to tackle the complex issues they face. Kim has co-edited two resource guides on the topic of LGBTQ youth, developing curriculum for organizations across the country. She is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Healthy Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students Project national cadre of trainers and formerly served as the LGBTQ youth content reviewer for the Sex, Etc. Medical Advisory Board. She has been a certified secondary education teacher in the state of Michigan and also serves as an apprentice of Opening the Heart—an experiential workshop that engages participants in holistic healing, reconnecting with core truths, and learning to live more fully from the heart.

Program Management, Evaluation

As the Director of Programs for Affirmations, an LGBTQ community center, and with a Master of Social Work degree focusing on social policy and evaluation, other key areas of specialty include: evaluation planning, logic models, needs assessments, survey design, focus groups, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and report writing. Using an empowerment-based model, Kim works collaboratively with clients to develop an approach that engages key stakeholders at all levels of the evaluation process. Kim is highly skilled at both long and short term reviews of program effectiveness and integrating this information to support the implementation of future program modifications based on critical analysis.

Leigh Ann Phillips-Knope, MA, RYT

Leigh Ann integrates a wonderfully diverse background in social advocacy, community development and the holistic arts.

Social Advocacy

Leigh Ann has pioneered numerous educational, policy and community development initiatives on behalf of gender equality, environmental justice and beyond. Having founded and led multiple community-based Task Forces in Michigan, she’s effectively implemented large scale systems change efforts within schools, faith communities, health care, businesses and the criminal justice system. Leigh Ann specializes in community development, non-profit program planning, management and evaluation; adult learning, group processes, coalition-building and leadership development. She received her unique graduate training, a Master of Arts in Service, Leadership and Management, at SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont with a focus on Community Development and Adult Learning.

Yoga & Healing Arts

Leigh Ann’s approach to Yoga is distinctive, compassionate and poetic. Through 17 years of personal practice and 10 years teaching—she has synthesized a deeply inspiring style focused on therapeutic breath, embodied postures, imagery, healing and connecting with the earth. Leigh Ann is known for creating a joyful learning atmosphere, empowering her students through an emphasis on the inner teacher. She designs and leads Yoga programs within universities, medical centers, corporations and nonprofits. In additional to traditional students, she specializes in reaching underserved populations— including older adults, survivors of violence and people living with serious health challenges.

The Ceremonial Arts

Leigh Ann has designed and officiated ceremony extensively for the last 15 years. She is a poetic writer, inspiring public speaker and skillful leader. Leigh Ann completed her professional training as a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® through the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, having graduated with honors as the Valedictorian of her class. Bearing witness to the joys and losses we experience as human beings, Leigh Ann creates remarkable custom ceremonies for individuals, couples, families and communities.