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Yoga & Healing Arts

“I did not come to Yoga to stretch. I came to live.” Maya Breuer

When we practice Yoga, life begins to shift, stir, awaken and change. Extraordinary new doors are opened for the ways we move and breathe, how we live and work, as well as relate to ourselves, the earth and other living beings. Yoga transforms us, slowly, sweetly, from the inside out.

Photo © Kim Phillips-KnopeLeigh Ann offers inspiring Yoga classes throughout Ann Arbor, on-site in the workplace for staff and clients, as well as private lessons in a charming farmhouse Yoga sanctuary.

Her teaching style is distinctive, refreshing, freeing and engaging. She brings 17 years of dedication to her own Yoga practice; 10 years teaching Yoga to diverse communities; and extensive study with some of the most innovative Yoga teachers internationally.

Rather than a class, Leigh Ann provides an experience— a journey from within to explore, grow, play, meditate, heal, cultivate strength, find balance and new life directions. She supports students to find their own inner teacher…that deep well of creativity, presence and wisdom…that always knows what is needed, that gives and asks the best from life. Through Yoga, we welcome ourselves home!

Teaching Elements

Roots OF Change Ceremonies The Inspire

    • An emphasis on curiosity, embodiment, exploration and discovery;
    • The art and science of breath;
    • Strengthening our connection to the earth;
    • Using Yoga to encourage healthy joints and muscles, but also to enliven and balance our body systems, organs, spirit, emotions and mind;
    • Building resiliency, openness and a deep well of energy reserves;
    • Challenging ourselves beyond perceived limitations and releasing what no longer serves us;
    • Yogic philosophy, imagery, poetry and visualization;
    • Meditation, restoration and deep relaxation.